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Transformer, ballasts & special laminations

Low carbon and silicon steel Laminations
Transformer laminations | Ballast laminations

We manufacture low carbon and silicon steel EI lamination & LTL laminations for transformers and ballasts power cores.

Transformer laminationsBrochure: EI laminations, 2.09 MB (PDF / English Version)
Ballast laminationsBrochure: LTL laminations, 1.62 MB (PDF / Spanish version only)

Having more than 50 sizes of EI, LTL and Customized laminations we can guarantee to satisfy your power core needs. Our laminations are manufactured and designed with cutting edge technology: CNC progressive carbide dies, tooling CAD/CAM/CAE designed and high skilled technicians and engineers. Meeting high quality standards established by our Quality System lend us offer high reliability and energy efficiency in your appliances at competitive prices.

EI lamination - Transformer laminations
EI / transformer laminationsBrochure: EI lamination, 2.09 MB (PDF / English Version)

  • EI-18 lamination
  • EI-25 lamination
  • EI-37 lamination
  • EI-51 lamination
  • EI-62 lamination
  • EI-75 lamination
  • EI-87 lamination
  • EI-100 in 4 models:
    • EI-100-S55
    • EI-100-S80
    • EI-100-S90
    • EI-100-S103
  • EI-112 and EI-112-S40 lamination
  • EI-125 lamination in 4 models:
    • EI-125-S90
    • EI-125-S130
    • EI-125-S154
    • EI-125-S180
  • EI-137
  • EI-150
  • EI-162
  • EI-162L
  • EI-175 and EI-175E
  • EI-225 New!
  • EI-250

LTL lamination - Ballast laminations
Laminations for ballastsBrochure: LTL laminations for ballasts, 1.62 MB (PDF / Spanish version only)

Below you will find our main laminations for ballasts, it is not included our shunts, please ask us for them and we will send you a full catalog.

  • LTL-25 in three models: SNA, SA093 y SC438
  • LTL-32-SA106 and LTL-32-SA106 SM
  • LTL-35 in two sizes and eleven models:
    • LTL-35-SA093 lamination.
    • LTL-35-SA125 lamination.
    • LTL-35-SA188 lamination.
    • LTL-35-SB250 lamination.
    • LTL-35-SC250 lamination.
    • LTL-35-SC375 lamination.
    • LTL-35-SC500 lamination.
    • LTL-35L-SA125 lamination.
    • LTL-35L-SA343 lamination.
    • LTL-35L-SB-250 lamination.
    • LTL-35L-SC375 lamination.
  • LTL-38-SA124 y LTL-38-SA124 SM lamination
  • LTL-100 lamination in three models:
    • LTL-100-SNA lamination.
    • LTL-100-SA073 lamination.
    • LTL-100-SC40 lamination.

We are able to design or modify actual laminations to satisfy your needs, please contact us if you require an special design.

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