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Our company

Villa Industrias is a mexican company founded in 1983 as result of integration of several companies. This integration make us possible to have whole manufacturing process, from direct purchase of material (from mills) to end products as our ballasts or automatic voltage regulators.

As specialized silicon steel service center, we are the biggest mexican company providing master coils, strips and laminations for all kind of companies, from small familiar to transnationals or government.

In stamping market, we are the oldest company in Mexico providing more than 50 different sizes of EI & LTL laminations, most of them available in Grain Oriented, non Oriented Silicon steel and low carbon steel.

Since 80's our transformers and autotransformers have been recognized by outstanding quality and performance in the mexican market and abroad. Now, with our automatic voltage regulators have reached a wide spectrum of possibilities in your needs of voltage conversion, regulation and protection. In lighting market we manufacture our line of HID, HQI and fluorescent ballasts to reach commercial, industrial and government needs.

Interested and focused in a permanent and continuous growth, Villa Industrias group has created three divisions, eNT México focused in e-commerce and e-marketing services, Villa Inmuebles as our real estate division and Villa Comercializadora focused on selling and distribution of all kind of products.


Our people

In our globalized world, success only could be guaranteed if companies give excellent tools to excellent people. All time our company introduce new technology and inovative processes to make possible to manufacture more products (or serve more services) in less time with less money with same or better quality but always having in mind that human intervention is crucial to reach our customers expectations. This is the reason because of our Human Resources area has a continuous improvement program that train and certify our employees skills and give incentives for good employees.


Villa Industrias thanks your interest, we hope to be a proud provider of your company, with Villa you will find a perfect balance between quality and price.



Our Products: Silicon steel, LTL & EI lamination, Ballasts,
  Voltage Liners, Plastic bobbins, more...
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