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Specialized silicon steel service center

Silicon steel
Silicon steel | Low carbon steel

Having one of the biggest inventories of electrical steels we could guarantee inmediate delivery of coils, strips and laminations of main grades of GO & NGO silicon steel and low carbon.

Silicon steel

  • Specialized in silicon steel our stock includes grain oriented from M-4 to M-15 and non-oriented steel: M-15, M-19, M-27, M-36 y M-43.

Low carbon steel

  • Also have high volume of coils, strips and laminations of main grades of low carbon (core loss from 2.1 watts per pound to 4.9 watts per pound at 60 Hz).

Our superior slitting quality has been recognized by our worldwide customers.

With specialized transportation equipment and packing, computarized scheduling and resources management, and our Quality System based in ISO-9000 we guarantee quality, on time delivery and all will be according to your expectations.

Our headquarters and facility are located 47 km at the North of Mexico City, from there we deliver to the rest of the country and attend abroad.

Our specialized engineers and technicians are waiting to assist you, please send us all your comments and inquirys, do not hesitate in contact us.

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Silicon steel coils
Master coils (silicon steel)


Silicon steel strips
Low carbon strips

Our Products: Silicon steel, LTL & EI lamination, Ballasts,
  Voltage Liners, Plastic bobbins, more...
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